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Maintained Parts
How to maintained the slewing bearing
When the product is opened, it should be filled with new grease according to different working conditions.
(02)Rotary bearings should be regularly lubricated. According to different types of slewing bearings, the specific time for filling grease is as follows:
A: ball type: Grease 100 times per revolution.
B: roller type: lubricate grease once every 50 hours.
If it is in a special working environment,
Such as: tropical, large temperature, dusty, and continuous work, should shorten the lubricating grease filling period, should ensure each work 50 hours to add a note, gear normal work should be guaranteed to work 150 hours of grease smear grease once, severe work, every 75 hours should be smeared with grease once, attention, before applying grease. The teeth must be cleaned. The new lubricating grease must be reinjected before and after the machine is stagnant for a long time. Each filling grease must fill the raceway until it spilt from the sealing device. When adding the grease, it is necessary to run the rotary support slowly so that the grease is filled evenly in the raceway.
(03)In the process of use, it is necessary to clean up the sundries on the surface of the revolving support and check the aging, dry cracking, breakage or breakage of the rotary support seal. If one of the cases occurs, the sealing strip should be replaced in time to prevent the loss of debris and grease in the raceway. After the replacement, the corresponding grease should be applied to avoid the rolling body. And the raceway is stuck or rusted.
(04)Because in the use of comprehensive factors, users can choose the best grease according to the specific conditions, for example, the raceway can be used as: No. 3, No. 4 graphite grease, industrial grease, No. 203 grease, No. 7002 high and low temperature bearing grease and 2 aluminum base grease.
After 100 hours of first operation, the pretightening force of the bolt should be checked and checked once every 500 hours after the first operation, and sufficient pretightening force must be maintained.
(05)2000 hours after the equipment is accumulated, if a bolt is found to be loosened to less than 80% of the specified torque, the bolt and the two adjacent bolts will be replaced. If the bolts of 20% are found to be loosened to less than 80% of the specified torque, the bolts are replaced to a new one. After 14000 hours of equipment accumulating, all bolts are replaced with new ones (recommended: refasten each fastener for two to four months before use, and then transition to a yearly systematic check).
(06)In the use of close attention to the operation of the rotary support, such as the sudden increase in noise, impact, power, should stop checking immediately until all the failures are excluded, and need to be dismantled when necessary.
(07)In the use of rotary support, it is forbidden to directly scour the rotary support with water to avoid water entering the raceway to cause rust, and to prevent the hard foreign objects approaching or entering the meshing area so as to avoid the injury or unnecessary trouble of the teeth.
Maintained slewing bearing
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