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Company News >> Slewing bearing material inspection standard

1. Slewing bearing blank
1. There should be no white spots and cracks on the surface of the blank ferrule.
2. The hardness of the blank is 207-260HB after roughing, and it is tested with a hardness tester.
3. The non-metallic inclusions of the blank shall not exceed 2.5 grades, the oxides shall not exceed 3 grades, and the number of grains and other grades shall not be less than 6 grades.
4. The geometric size of the blank ferrule is detected by the box ruler.
Second, the steel ball
1. Steel balls are not allowed to have soft spots, such as decarburization, rust, pits and cracks. Visual inspection.
2. The hardness of the steel ball is 62-66HRC, which is tested by a hardness tester.
3, steel ball accuracy grade up to Dw ≤ 30, 40 grade steel ball accuracy, 30 < Dw ≤ 50, 60 grade steel ball accuracy, Dw> 50, 100 grade steel ball accuracy.