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Maintained Parts >> How to choose the correct filters for your digger?

How to choose the correct filters for your digger?
Filters are important consumables in diggers, Changing filters is an important part in maintaining your digger. Inside a digger there can be up to a dozen different filters,
additionally there are hundreds of different manufacturers and models of diggers. Therefore there are a huge amount of different filters. Often one filter could be used with dozens of other can mean that they use different filters. How do you choose the correct filter for your digger? iggers, or the same model digger with variations in engine model, or even manufacturing year Our solution is to provide a filter list based on digger manufacturers. The following filter list for Komatsu diggers.
The above filter list shows all filters for Komatsu diggers from 2 to 27 tonnes. The first 2Columns show the digger and engine model. The rest of the list shows 5 different types of filters. They are air filter, engine oil filter, Diesel filter, Hydraulic oil filter, and other filters.occupy 2 columns. The left column is the part number from Baosheng which is the filter manufacturer. The right column is the original part number from Komatsu.The procedure to choose a filter is:
1. Find the correct row in the spreadsheet according to your digger model and engine model.
2. Find the filter type you need which will tell you the original part number from Komatsu and also the part number from Baosheng
3. Check the original part number printed on your old filter, if it matches the number you just found, it is the correct filter for your digger.